Monday, July 25, 2005


i just read two blogs of the happy little girl
it made me wonder, it made me think.
there were so many ??????????????????
a few easy ;a few somewhat easy;a few difficult to answer.
happy little girl somehow shows her potential
she scrutinizes well......................a future lawyer?
she observes well...................a future scientist?
she explains well.........................a teacher perhaps?
one thing is sure
she's a thinker
she's a curious gal
she's an inquisitive little happy girl.
Keep it up ARIANNA! You got what it takes to know the answers to every question!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A New Trick
"Vino, I'm wondering why
I didn't hear a cry, not even a whimper
from you and Sofia,
when you were given your flu shots
by Dr. Eva, your pedia,
last Saturday. Tell me what's your secret?"
Vino puckered his lips and began to blow
like an expectant mother
about to deliver a baby,
and weathering all the contractions
that come minutes apart
till the baby's head pops into the world.
"Mommy Tricia taught us the trick, so no "aray!" he reveals, smiling mischievously!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

from a teeny weeny wisp of a two-year girl, too mature and adult-like, a quick response to a
"That'a yummy-looking drink!
It looks good and so refreshing!
Lola, it's a strawberry drink'
but I cannot SHARE,
I am sick! he,he,he..........

"'s so cold in your bedroom
I'll need a blanket to watch the show with you brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.It's cold "
Just when my cold feet were getting warm
(quickly pulls away the cover in spite of my cold feet)
" You need a BLANKET!" (jumps on the bed and gingerly
pulls a sheet from the pile of pillows and covers Lola
with her multi-colored sheet, her blanket!)

God Bless you ..................Sofia!
the budding traits of a six-year,he with the soulful eyes , a load of patience, a generous heart................

"Okay, it's time to go!
Say goodbye to Tita Melissa, Tito Gary and cousins Arianna and Roque,"
The boy with the soulful eyes and sharing heart runs near the door,
with with a hand-load of dum-dums, a few falling on the floor one...two...three
and one or two bars of Snickers ( no plastic bag)

hands his load to Tita Melissa, his " take home give away", a Filipino trait!
Thank you Vino for your spontaneous show of your sharing heart!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Physical Therapy at MCU

yesterday,I went to MCU
presented the referral from Dr.Melissa of Makati Medical Center
to the physical rehab department
of the MCU hospital, a stone's throw from our place.
the PT in charge scrutinized the referral,
referred it to the medical rehab doctor,
asked about Dr Melissa Zamuco Mercado,
and her relationship to me,
read and read directives numbers one to six
consulted each other and discussed specifics before turning to me.
"will your doctor not be offended if we first do numbers 1 to 3 of her orders?"
"we are a little bit conservative here, we observe first the patient's
response and condition after numbers 1 to 3."
I agreed to their suggestion, " I'll take care of tellling Melissa"
she will understand; she will not disagree; she's my daughter-in-law,
she's the department head at the medical rehab department of the MkMH.
They gave me the works,
first, the hot pads,
then the ultra-sound (gel first before turning the machine)
then a gentle massage with some kind of powder on my right butt
the final step was strapping on the bed, around the waist,
around my arm loosely and on my leg
it's traction
only 20 pounds
next time a little more
they can't give me 40 pounds right away
I barely felt the traction, the Master Pt was on hand,
one young volunteer by the name of Ana kept talking,asking questions,
and the other other quiet intern, Joyce
and the Master PT hovered over me during the entire session!
I remember my sessions at the Holy Name Hospital at Teaneck, New Jersey
just one therapist, Kimberly Dupree, handled me
put me on the hot pads and the hot machine,
let me do the stretching and other exercises, while
she goes back and forth to her other patients.
kimberly was nice, greeted me with a hug and a kiss each session.
But the Filipino caregivers are there by your side all throughout the session to see that everything is okay. I guess all PT's are gifted withat tender loving concern.

Monday, July 18, 2005

One of the first things I do back home is to go through
the paperworks.
solicitation notes,
statements of accounts,
bills to be paid at marami pang iba.
It's fun,
it's tedious,
it's sometimes confusing,
it's an exercise in remembering,
it's much more!

A birthday card from good old St. Theresa's Alumnae Association
47 years and they have not forgotten me and my birthday!
in spite of the changes in the board membership
in spite of my silence.
The STC alumnae newsletter too, two of them
with all the news they can gather about members far and wide
spread out in every part of this wide wide world.
I love my school and everything it stands for
even if it had its last hurrah in San Marcelino,Manila
for the last so many years.

The good news is
like a Phoenix
it is coming back
it is being revived
to teach Theresian values
and relive the Gold and Blue!
Thanks to a group of Alumnae!
I got an invite
to participate
in the rising of the Phoenix.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blogging at Caloocan
It's a beautiful day at good old Caloocan! The grandchildren are here with Daddy Gary And Mommy Melissa. The kids are great! They have grown so fast.It's their turn to teach Lola Nitz a new thing,"how to blog". I am excited at blogging.I can't wait to do it regularly especially when I return to Bogota. It's good to post reflections periodically.It will deter vegetating and keep me excited each day. And it will help me record all the interesting happenings with regard to the family especially the children and their families.I guess during the twilight years of one's life, one cannot help but reminisce on one's life.It's a good way to keep the spirit alive!