Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There Was A Girl

There Was A Girl...

A tiny wisp of a girl

Shy, simple, unassuming

Naive? Maybe!

Innocent? Certainly!

Nonchalantly unconcerned with the ways of the world!

Quiet and silent in her own little sphere

Strangely fascinating in her modesty and femininity

Pure in thoughts, in words, in deed

Carefree but not careless

Warm, not lukewarm





Thursday, October 21, 2010

When I was small

When i was small...

Steps fascinated me

I'd sit on the step and let the sun shine on me

I'd watch the spider orchids bathe on the streaming light

I'd feel the warmth creeping on my skin

And let the glow permeate my whole being

Till the steps burn and I heave a sigh of relief.

When i was small

I'd try one step at a time

To reach what seems to be the unreachable rung

I'd look up and let my sight catch the gleam of the wavering shadow

I'd close my eyes and let just a flicker of light guide my sight to the top

And i sway as the step goes one after the other

Till there is no more.

What is it in steps that fascinate and catch my imagination?

Why am i lured to glide up and catch the sun

Before it is covered by the misty drift somewhere along the way.

I see the orchids gracefully dancing oblivious of the scorching and searing sun

The steps are forever inviting me to go higher

Till the apex is reached and I can smile.