Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lidie has just left
with her Ateneo group of fourteen
to far away Pampanga!
It's a sleepover weekend
at one of the many houses
of Henry, he who is almost ready
to leave again for Los Angeles
in the US of America!
Perhaps it's a bon voyage affair
perhaps it's a get-together cum
despedida for Henry and not only for
Henry but also for Yuri,
who is also leaving for Switzerland.
When friends leave, there is a little ache and pain.
Shakespeare says,"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
Sometime next month or the month after next,
I'll also leave for Bogota, New Jersey of the US of America!

Monday, August 08, 2005

A Lady Named Gina
This afternoon I called up Gina,
she who cares,
she who gives comfort,
she who sometimes scolds
she who is so organized,
she who sees a reason for most every problem.
she who offers a cure for some aches and pains!
Gina is a friend
she is much more than a friend,
she belongs to a different culture,
but she understands most every culture.
she could be very meticulous
she could be very compassionate
hers is a shoulder to lean on
hers is a heart that cares.
"Gina, I need ....; I'll send my helper."
The answer is "yes"
no "if's"and" but's",
and "what-have-you's."
The envelop arrives, properly sealed and labeled.
That's Gina!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Something About Sofia Again
She's three
She's not cuddly
She's an imp!
It's hard to decipher her writings
on her doodles and her drawings.
I see aifoS and oniV and aloL too
on a few pages of her doodles.
I see ymmoM and yddaD on one of the doodles.
I asked her who is that with aloL walking under a cloud,
but with the sun's eyes wide open?
It's a" robot" holding hands with aloL!
I asked who were the other three
walking with iediL,
And she said,"her sdneirF!"
"I'll slide this under her bedroom door,
she squeaks, "eidiL is still sleeping!"
Sofia is fascinating!
Her mood is determined as soon as
she wakes up in the morning.
Why her style of writing words in her doodles?
She's left-handed; she's a lefty,
and I think she is an outie too!.