Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Story of the Empty Stocking
upon a
clear, there
was a child's
cry. A blazing
star hung on the
stable, and wise men
came to bring gifts. We
haven't forgotten that night
down the centuries. We celebrate
it with the cry of bells and gifts,
especially with gifts. We buy them;
we wrap them; we put them under the tree.
You give me a book; I give you a tie;
Cousin Martha has always wanted a lemon squeezer!
Oh! we forget nobody, adult or child.All the
stockings are filled. All that is except one. We have even
forgotten to hung it up. The stocking for the Child
born in a manger! It is His birthday we are celebrating!
don't ever let us forget that! Let us hung His stocking
and fill it with the gift of love, patience, tolerance, understanding
for each other, all that is needed to have Peace in ourselves
peace with our fellowmen, peace for mankind.
This is not an original story. It is based on a speech made by a known movie actor,
I think it was Cary Grant. At this time of the year it is good to reflect on the message.