Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Recollection of my 75th Birthday Affair February 16, 2013, Knights of Columbus Hall, River Edge, New Jersey

It was a night to remember,
It was a surprise beyond belief,
It was an affair to remember!

I was caught unaware,
I was caught flat-footed,
I had no inkling that something eventful was brewing
I was completely blown away!

The attendees came from all over
From the Philippines, Canada, North Carolina
New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Maryland.
They were close kins, relatives, neighbors, friends,acquaintances,
Former students in different high schools
Four sons and their families
And my fifth child, a daughter and her loved partner.
And yes, they were the planners and organizers of the well-kept surprise affair!

The surprise party was truly surpriseable,
The emcee was a dream!
The music and DJ'S were just right!
The cake was exquisite!
The flowers and wrist corsage were lovely,
The candle glow was romantic,
The food was sumptuous....
The program and participants were superb!
The souvenirs were unique.
The dancers were a...go.....go.....delightful!
The kids had a jolly clean fun!
The photographer captured the surprise in the photos she took
The raised eyebrows, the open mouth, the widest grin, the toothy laughter
The look of disbelief, the eloquent hand and graceful gestures
Not only of the honoree but also of the guests.

What can one say when the heart is full?
Just a sincere thank you to each and everyone
Who made the affair a most memorable and cherished one.
It feels good to be 75!!!!!!!

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