Monday, November 01, 2010

There Was A Girl...Part Two

There was a girl
she lived in the south side of the jungle
There where the plants grow forever green
There where the weeds grow side by side
with the reddening petals of the rose
There where the sun blinks but for a moment
There where the dewdrops glimmer as the sun
rises in the early morning glow
There where the breeze blows gently
and playfully mess up the tiny little curls into
clinging little spirals forever wrapped tightly.
There where the old and the new meet somewhere
near the curb to meet and merge and be as one.

I know this place somewhere in the south
No matter where the wind blows
It shall beckon and it shall wave and revive
The message loud and clear to recall and be reconciled
with the hidden past and the troubled years
Time has a way of hiding the checkered moments
that colored ones life with a rainbow
But the place remains beckoning and re-awakening
memories of days gone by
Indelible imprints, marked and unmarked
written in the leaves of grass and trees
forever stored , waiting to be restored
By a spark, a flicker, a tap from somewhere, from nowhere...

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